What is UKIYO? In history of Japan, the term “UKIYO” has had different senses.

In 10th century it meant “Sad world”. But in 17th century, UKIYO meant “Floating World” which is pleasure-seeking aspects.  Those cultures like, especially Ukiyo-e pictures inspired even Gogh to Debussy. It is truly original japanese cultures since those days. UKIYO ORCHESTRA has 5 musicians – Kaoru Tanaka(Guitar) Khorey Deguchi(Fue) Katsuji Morioka(Bass) Yu Murakami(Drums) Toshihiro Yuta(Taiko). The group put another dimension to the UKIYO with unique japanese jazz rock and funk fusion styles.


・In 2006, kaoru tanaka- Guitarist, leader of UKIYO Project visited to India for looking for own music path and discover he wants to create contemporary music with Japanese traditional music. In 07, kaoru went to Berklee College of Music in Boston and studied guitar and composition with David Fiuczynski. Few years later, he founded “UKIYO BAND” in Osaka where is his home province. Then played with a lot of talented musicians. In 2013,he started to make the album with World class musicians in Belgium,UK, USA with some of world class musicians- with drummers Mark Mondesir(John Mclaughlin,Jeff Beck), Stéphane Galland (Joe Zawinul Syndicate,AKA MOON,Nguyen Le),Keyboards and Mixing Scott Kinsey(Tribal Tech,Solo artist),Casimir Liberski(Solo artist, Charnett Moffett) and so on. This record ”Ukiyoi” was released in 2016 from own label and it was acclaimed in Japan. In 2019,UKIYO BAND invited HUE & TAIKO and rebirthed as UKIYO ORCHESTRA.


Kaoru Tanaka was born in Osaka, Japan in 1985. He loved painting in childhood and started playing the guitar at the age of 12. In 2006, at the short trip to the India he was impacted by the energy of Music in India. This became the milestones in his life to decide to pursue to make own art with the Japanese roots music as his life work. In 07, he attended to the Berklee College of Music and studied with the guitarist David Fiuczynski. In 08, he went back to Osaka and formed kaoru tanaka group. In 2010, he released “ KARMA UNDER THE SUN ” as his debut album. He started UKIYO Project at the same time, continued to collaborate with japanese instruments like – Taiko(Japanese Drums), Shino-bue, Shaku hachi(Bamboo flute), Koto,17 Gen.. (Japanese Zither) to find new horizon.

In 2016,  the second album “ Ukiyoi “was released.  This masterpiece took 3 years to complete. It was recorded in Japan,London and Belgium with some of the finest musicians in the world. Mixed and mastered by the LA fusion legend keyboardist, engineer and producer Scott Kinsey.

Hue (Japanese traditional Flute) KHOREY DEGUCHI

Khorey Deguchi had been studied traditional Gagaku at Nara kasuga-Nanto gakusho, and has played with the group in many places over the years. He has collaborated with many musicians in the unit “Mahora”. Also he has played own quartet “Khorey Unit” and worked with many other projects.

He also has been working as soloist or music director in many fields like world music, contemporary music and dancing performance through Asia to Europe.

As the collaborator he has played on many record and film music.

WORK 1999 “森霊 Kodama”

2000 “Blowin’Green Breeze”


and more


Kastuji Morioka is one of the most established bass players in Japan. He joined the japanese famous fusion group “T-SQUARE” and had played in 2 albums and toured in Asia.

He has attended to BassDay NAMM Bass Bash from 2009 through 2012.  It was the first appearance as Japanese bass player.

He is also working as executive adviser and the first endorsed artist for world widely acclaimed Miura Bass U.S.A from the foundation of the company.

Katsuji has been playing with-  T-SQUARE DIMENSION Allen Hineds(Stevie Wonder,etc) Land Richards(Lee Ritenour,etc) Mark Mcmillen(Bobby Caldwell,etc) Hadrien Feraud Damien Schmitt Ray Luzier(korn) Glen SobelAlice Cooper Oscar Seaton and more..


Yu Murakamai started drums at the age of 11. He had been playing in brass band in the school. After graduated high school, he entered to Koyo Conservatory and studied music. After graduated conservatory he worked as an assistant there, and started working as professional drummer. Yu is one of most in demand young drummers in Osaka, he has worked on many jazz to pop-rock projects and has recorded albums.

As a drum instructor he has been teaching at many classes like the studio, light music to brass band in high schools.

In 2010, he has joined the dance performing group “D’AOM”’s tour and 2011, played at Taipei International Jazz Festival. In 2013, the fusion group ”Applejack” he has been playing with, won the top prize at the competition of Kanazawa Jazz Festival. In 2014, played at jazz festival in Korea.

Taiko (Japanese Drums) TOSHIHIRO YUTA

Toshihiro Yuta had started percussion in high school.

After that he joined in ASUKA GUMI, the Taiko performing group at the age of 19. That was the beginning of his career as professional musician.

In ASUKA GUMI, he was already had unique, outstanding style of playing Taiko.  Now Toshihiro is mainly working as Soloist. His unique style is based on traditional Taiko playing but not only that, he is still searching for the new potential in Taiko as percussion instruments too for collaborate with contemporary music.

Toshihiro has working with :

Yoshinori Monta,Kazumi Watanabe,Hiroshi Itsuki,Makoto Matsui,ARASHI.